Lightworker Intention Candle 8oz
Lightworker Intention Candle 8oz Lightworker Intention Candle 8oz


Directions for use: 

Write your intention on a small piece of paper, fold it and place it under the candle. Each night when you light the candle, meditate and let the energy of the candle send your intention up to the heavens. Feel the infinite love and wholeness supporting you every step of your journey. By looking within, you’re creating from energy instead of matter and nourishing your cosmic intuitive self.

Every intention sets energy into motion, whether you are conscious of it or not.

The healing power of our intention candles can aid in this process. Each candle is made with love, mantras and the following offerings:

A grounding mix of Bergamot, Cedarwood, Oud wood.

Citrine is a bright and cheerful stone that connects you to your inner light. Happiness is a choice, and Citrine properties guide you toward choosing happiness every single day. Citrine helps you to breakout of your negative focus on the past, so that you can release mistakes, and look to the future with renewed hope. This high vibrational crystal raises your vibration. Citrine crystals are incapable of emitting negative, low vibrational frequencies. Working with Citrine teaches you to mimic its ability to only emit vibrations of light and happiness.

Mica provides a shield against negative energy. It can balance the earth’s energies and protects against jealousy, anger and violence. Mica helps us focus on what is important, stripping away layers of distraction until all that is left is what really matters. It helps bring in new psychic abilities in a smooth and controllable fashion. Mica acts as a protective buffer so one does not become overwhelmed by the sheer energy of the higher vibrational crystals it accompanies.

Mother of Pearl brings the gentle healing power of the sea as it stimulates our intuition, imagination, sensitivity and adaptability.  It helps our emotions become more harmonious and balanced. Mother of Pearl helps with clarity in decision making, endurance and will power.

Palo Santo is a holy wood from a mystical tree off the coast of South America. The smoke provides an uplifting scent that raises your vibration in preparation for meditation and allows for a deeper connection to the Divine.  Palo Santo enhances creativity and brings good fortune to those who are open to its magic.

50 hr burn time