Big Book of Poker
Want to win big at the poker table? 
Written with precision, simplicity and humour by a leading professional player, The Big Book of Poker is the best way for you to fall in love with the game and move from a being a regular loser to a confident winner. And there is no better teacher for you than poker expert and game theorist Dario De Toffoli.

Put the odds in your favor using Dario's common-sense approaches and advanced concepts, including easy-to-memorize poker math. You'll soon be able to recognize and take advantage of different player types, be a master at betting and bankroll strategies, and put your best foot forward at final table play. 

Never sat down at the table before? Don't worry Dario ensures that you won't get lost in the thicket of call, pot and all in. You'll find all the rules, winning strategies and culture of Texas Hold'Em (no limit and fixed) are given pride of place throughout the book. He'll even make sure you look like a professional while you learn by explaining table etiquette and the history of the game, plus you can impress your friends with your knowledge of poker in cinema.