We believe self-love is the key to unlocking your greatness and that the universe has a plan for you beyond your wildest dreams.  When you love yourself enough to do what makes you feel alive and then use that gift to serve others, that's when the magic happens.  We've experienced what its like to take that giant leap of faith into the unknown.  We're devoted to helping you find your purpose so we can all add value and beauty to the world, which is in such turmoil.  If we collectively become conscious citizens of our communities, we'll lessen the burden we place on it.  By living your full potential, you'll not only change your world, you'll change the world around you too.


Most people are comfortable with mediocrity.  They avoid living a greater life, one that's beyond what most consider the norm.  A greater life requires you to find your greatness and we do that by self reflection and by quietening the mind.

True  self-love can be present in anything that adds value to your life, from beauty products to your spiritual rituals or the way you interact with others and especially yourself.  The most significant aspect of self-love is acceptance: being content with who you are , as you are.  

Welcome to Meraki Flowershop.